Halva with tahini, chocolate and almonds! An amazing recipe!

An amazing recipe to prepare a delicious greek dessert!


Sugar 260 gr

10 g glucose

450 g tahini

80 g chocolate couverture finely chopped

1 vanilla


In a saucepan, put the sugar together with a spoonful of water and start stirring continuously. When preparing tahini halva we need attention in grams of material.

Then add glucose. Stir with a wire constantly to prepare the mixture of caramel.

Caramel is ready when it gets a dark brown color. We do not stop to mix because the sugar can stick to the pot.

In a bass we’ve thrown the tahini. Add vanilla and chocolate. We prepare this shortly before the caramel mixture is completed.

When the caramel is ready it starts the most important step. Wearing the special glove, add carefully (because the caramel is at high temperature) the caramel in the mixture with the tahini.

The mixture of caramel is added gradually and not all with the first attempt. Pour the caramel mixture in 2 successive phases, stirring constantly.

When we have finished adding the caramel to the tahini mix, we mix cyclically until the two blends are joined and all the halva materials are united .

Our halva is ready when all the ingredients are homogenized and when we lift the materials of the halva with tahini they are not scattered. All materials must be bonded.

Pour the halva into a bowl and give to halva the shape we want.

Let the halva cool down for 20-30 minutes. Depending on how ‘’hard’’we want to be the halva, we can leave it for longer. We turn around very carefully.

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