Homemade Nougat Recipe!



220 g sugar

150 g Honey, preferably thyme

100 g water

50 g glucose

One large egg

300 g Almonds peeled, roasted in a large non-stick pan

125 g Pistachios unsalted (weighed cleaned)

Powdered sugar or leaf white for nougats

5 drops of mastic oil or 1/4 tsp. Sweet mastic, sharpened

Cooking  recipe

Put in a pot of sugar, water and glucose. In a second pot, pour the honey. Put the pots on fire.We pour the veggies into the mixer bucket and beat them in a meringue. When the honey temperature reaches 130 ° C (we check with confectionery thermometer), it is slowly added to the meringue with a steady flow. We continue to “hit” and when the temperature of the sugar-water-glucose mixture reaches 145 ° C, we add it to the meringue in the same way. We keep hitting for about 15 minutes. Stop the blow and add almonds, pistachios and mastic oil or mastic.Sprinkle well the bottom of a 16×16 cm square trunk and 4 – 5 cm high with enough sugar or cover it with 1 nougat leaf. Empty the mixture in the stirrup and press it with your hands to spread evenly everywhere. Cover the mixture with another sheet of nougat or powder. Allow the sweet to stand for several hours and cut it into elongated sticks. Roll each piece in a cooking membrane.

nougat flavors

nougat flavors

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