Ouzo recipe!

The ouzo is prepared as follows:

Roughly chopped fennel and star of anise are soaked in alcohol and then distilled. The distillate obtained must show 40-60 degrees Centigrade alcoholic meter, depending on the quality we want to achieve.

The usual type, which the drinker can arrange as he wants, is the following:

15 liters of alcohol of 40 grams
1 kilogram of fennel grains
150 grams of roughly chopped fennel
150 grams of star of anise

Soak for 24 hours and distillation 40 degrees distillate. Ouzo also prepare some quantities of unequal and fennel essential oils in cold, dissolving in alcohol of 95 degrees, and then adding to the mixture as much water as the mixture receives without becoming cloudy.

The usual formula is:

3 grams of fennel essential oil
8 grams of anise oil
In a 3 kilo copper still, Pour the mixture of essential oils, 250 grams at 95 degrees of alcohol and add as much water as needed to reach the mixture at that point in which a minimum amount of water causes the blur. In the upper blend of essential oils, the drinker can add other essential oils, such as coriander, aniseed, etc., depending on the requirements of his clientele.

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Source: www.ftiaxno.gr