Raki or tsikoudia

Raki or tsikoudia it is an alcocholic drink, that is a distillate produced from marc Crete strafyla from nipples. Cretan tsikoudia is different drink from Turkish raki, since this is as ouzo. It  has anise and double distillation while tsikoudia not.

Tsikoudia, is the queen of beverages, because it treats and it is pure. No pigments and industrial alcohol (alcohol derived from potatoes or sugar beet, etc.) and secondly provides anxiolytic and relaxing properties therefore gladdens our hearts and minds, to dismiss us from the obsessive thoughts, so we can relax, stimulate appetite, digestion and the warmth of our bodies. Raki warm, even if it is mixed with honey  or cinnamon helps to keep warm while raki cold to cool off. And all this is pure enough to be drunk in moderation and properly. (ie with friends, moderation and good meze).

How made raki – tsikoudia

The cauldron inside throwing  these materials boiling become steam. Passing the horizontal pipe and then refrigerate water and raki-tsikoudia is going out.

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