Attracting fortune is also a habit of people of all time. They used and still use multiple ways to win their favor. Charm means good omen, the “magical” object that can bring luck. Every new year, for example, people want to attract it by buying and offering “charms”.

Stubborn is called an object mainly of unusual shape or color, which contains various materials such as incense, beads, flowers, stones, minerals, etc.

Charm is an object made like amulet, but in order to attract the luck or good outcome of a particular case.

γούρι με ματάκι


Fluorite: the color of which is considered to eliminate the gruesome. Its silver or gold and generally glossy color, acts as a counterbalance. His strength from the bread, which was kneaded and baked with him, is fertile to the estates of the house. His “Cross”, if it is a Constantine, gives divine protection. It brings happiness to whoever holds it or to those who have a relationship with him.

Pomegranate: Symbol of fertility, abundance and good fortune

For thousands of years, pomegranate has been seen by many peoples and cultures as a symbol of fertility, abundance and good fortune. The ancient Greeks before living in a new house broke a pomegranate on the doorstep, which we do even today.

Petal: The petal is considered a symbol of happiness and precaution from the evil eye. On delivery, it must be hung behind the door with the opening upwards. The horseshoe brings good luck, as long as one finds it random and has seven holes: four on one side and three on each other

Especially the days of Christmas and New Year are full of glories to attract good fortune. Some of the charms that have prevailed to be regarded as exacerbating evil and attracting good luck are pomegranate, the horseshoe, the precious and semi-precious stones, the blue beads…


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