Shearing sheeps in Crete!

Shearing sheeps in Crete is one of the oldest traditions on the island! “Koures” is the process when the shepherds are shearing the sheeps. Always been a reason for all the shepherds to get together during the shearing, to talk and socialize! “Koures” symbolize the joint support of the shepherds, since each one of them welcomes the others (and their families) to help him in the shearing of his own flock. Of course he hosts them as best as he can, knowing that in a few days he will have to attend himself in a shearing to another shepherds stable!

The shearing is held in early summer. “Koures” is important because the animal is relieved from the heat of the sun and because they keep wool that later the women will use by some specific processes to make clothes and traditional Cretan weavings! Sure is a very important social event, that’s why it is usually accompanied by delicious food (“ofto”lamb), good wine and traditional Cretan music! It’s like a celebration involving sheperds and their families, along with friends!

Here in Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village we did the shearing of the sheeps! We gathered and began the shearing 🙂 We cooked lamb and had fun with friends and visitors!