Book in Arolithos and discover Crete!

Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village is situated in Heraklion, about 11 kilometers away from the centre of the town! Built on the slope of a mountain, in the wild Cretan landscape, the village is a feast for the eyes, evoking memories from the past of older generations as for their way of living while revealing the simplicity and beauty of old times to younger generations.

It feels great to relax by the pool, surrounded by nature and clean air, or take part in some of the experiential activities organized by Arolithos people! But your staying would be more interesting if you decide to visit some of the most important sights worth seeing 🙂 The Hotel of Arolithos is a focal point from which you can begin to visit these places! We are located in the centre of Crete 😉

Here are some of the destinations we recommend you should definitely visit:

  • The antiquities of Knossos! It is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilization and culture. Definitely worth seeing! It is only 30 minutes far from Arolithos 😉
  • The antiquities of Tylissos! The town was in use Early Minoan II to Late Minoan IIIA. Structures include houses, a cistern and an aqueduct with clay pipes. Only 5 minutes far from Arolithos!
  • The Archaeological Museum in Liberty Square in Heraklion city, only 15 minutes away!
  • The Cretaquarium, the biggest aquarium in Balkan area, in Gournes! You’ll need only 30 minutes on the road 🙂
  • The Harbor Venetian Fort (Koules Fort) in Heraklion city, only 15 minutes away!
  • Anogeia village in Rethymnon, were you can experience the lifestyle of people in the countryside and learn the secrets of the shepherds! Eat delicious traditional Cretan dishes and listen to Cretan music 🙂 Only 30 minutes from Arolithos Village.
  • Of course the city of Heraklion were you can walk on footpaths and walk over to the Venetian walls! Do your shopping and visit museums like the Museum of History, Natural History Museum, the Basilica of San Marco that hosts daily exhibitions, the Lion Square with the Turkish and Venetian monuments and of course a walk on the coastal road for food and drinks! You can also visit the grave of the great author Nikos Kazantzakis situated in the Martinengo Hill on the centre of Heraklion!
  • Rethymnon city is only 50 minutes away! There you can walk on stone streets and visit the Old Town with its Venetian buildings and harbor!
  • Near the Arolithos are many monasteries to visit!
  • If you are into music you should really visit the summer theatre of Nikos Kazantzakis in Heraklion city (Kipotheatro N. Kazantzakis) where there are almost daily concerts!

The airport and the main harbor of Heraklion are only 30 minutes far from Arolithos! Also the University Hospital of Heraklion is near Arolithos, about 30 minutes away.

If you decide to book in Arolithos, you will realise that there are so many things to do and many places to visit without having to drive for hours! Of course, for those not interested in tours, there’s always the Traditional Cretan Village Arolithos, with the streets, the shops, the swimming pool, the traditional restaurant, the Museum, the Greek nights, the experiential activities and the great environment 😉

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