Αρχείο ετικέτας Arolithos Museum

Education and Museum-Experiential Activities!

Museum and education! Two inseparably connected words!

While regarding the close affinity of those particular notions, a fact, and in respect of the right of equal access to all humans, irregardless of age, gender, religion etc., we open the wooden doors of our Agricultural Museum and Folk art, to every person who would like to travel in time, live out experiences from another era and obtain images and stimulations for life! 

Our folklore museum

Our folklore museum

Educational activities for our visitors!

If we return back to our childhood memories, we will surely remember times of monotony and boredom within a museum! Here, in our remarkable Museum, we managed to avoid exactly that!

Our experienced and well educated team, has designed educational activities of traditional content, adapted as so, to be carried out for all ages. 

Upon your arrival in Arolithos, the traditional village, a member of our team will be waiting for you with a big smile! 

Our team

Our team

There, we will welcome and brief you regarding the activity you have already chosen! (The head of the department, Maria, will have informed you properly and with every detail needed, and you will have taken a look at this as well.)

After the beginning of the activity, we reassure you that everyone will learn about the tradition of Crete effortlessly. Observation, imagination, dedication and enthusiasm are some of the elements you will notice upon yourselves. 

Weaving Art

Weaving Art

Cooking lesson

Cooking lesson


Making the Weddong Bread

Making the Wedding Bread

An important detail is that during your free time, you can relax in our traditional coffee shop, enjoy a stroll in the village’s graphic pathways far from cars and the city turbulence! 

Coffe house

Coffee house

We invite you to experience strong and beautiful feelings through our educational activities! 

 Contact us: 0030-2810821050 & info@arolithos.com


New season starts! Our first traditional greek night! Wednesday 10 April!

A new summer season starts and we introduce you, our authentic Greek Night! A special show with live music, local dancers and typical dinner with unlimited wine! βραδια

From 10/04 until mid-October

Every Wednesday at 20:00.  For 2 hours and 30 min. An open event for several tour operators and nationalities!


Enjoy music &  dances from Crete, islands of Greece and general Greece!

Taste traditional recipes with local products!


Discover a Museum and Village Tour! 

μουσειο μεσα σπιτι

παραδοσιακα σπίτια 1 αρόλιθος

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Do not miss the chance to be there!

Ask your travel agent or book directly!

Reservations:  2810 821050   info@arolithos.com

Official Website: www.arolithos.com

μπροσουρα ακροστοιχιδα

Erasmus teachers and students in our village!

Groups of students and teachers, from schools in Europe choose our village and our folklore museum for their visit, in order to learn about the tradition of Crete!

The folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum

Teachers and professors of the Erasmus Program, wanting their students to contact with folklore, architecture and the local cuisine of Crete, choose to visit our village! Contact with the natural environment of Arolithos Village, in conjunction with experiential activities,  offering their knowledge and experience, truly unforgettable!

Apart from visiting  the village or the museum, you can choose from a multitude of activities. Meet the Cretan life through a variety of experiential activities. Cretan diet, Kneading Bread, Komboloe and much more.

We invite you to think of our village as an opportunity to offer you traditional hospitality and services in the heart of the island!

We are at your disposal, for anything that you need! 

Contact us here: 0030-2810821050 and info@arolithos.com


Τhe treasure of Crete!

It is known as the “Black Gold” of Crete and its name is Carob!

Carob is native to the eastern Mediterranean, where it has been in cultivation for at least 4000 years. The plant was well known to the ancient Greeks, who planted seeds of this plant in in the southern parts of Greece and mainly in Crete.

the carob tree

the carob tree

Seeds were used to weight gold, therefore the word “carat.” As ancient traders traveled around the Mediterranean and surrounding areas, they turned to the carob bean as a unit of measurement. A gemstone would be weighed and put onto a balance, the other side would have carob seeds on it. A stone that balanced 5 seeds was said to weigh 5 seeds – then 5 carobs – then 5 carats.





When the fruit of carob is unripe, its color is green and then it’s become brown. The fruit of carob is 15 to 30 centimeters in length and is fairly thick and broad.





Carob also has excellent nutritional value! It contains Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and also vitamins A, B, and D. It also has medicinal uses including the treatment of coughs, common cold and anemia. Because of the usefulness of Carob, there are a wide range of products from its fruits.

For example the carob syrup, Charoupomelo is the Greek name, is an natural sweet drink made by grinding the carob pods and then extracting the syrup by boiling the powder in hot water. Used in Crete as a natural sweetener, and is considered a natural source of calcium. It contains three times more calcium than milk and it can be used as a sweetener for hot and cold drinks, yogurt, ice cream, cakes etc.












Carob is an excellent alternative to chocolate! You can use the syrup, the same way as you would chocolate in almost all recipes. And you can enjoy your favorite sweet treats with fewer calories, fat, and sugar!!!

Carob Powder Cacao

Carob Powder Cacao










Don’t miss the chance to visit our e-shop, to explore all these wonderful products!



Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα & Δραστηριότητες για παιδιά!

Φέτος, όπως και κάθε σχολική χρονιά, πλήθος παιδιών έρχονται στον χώρο μας και παρακολουθούν κάποιο από τα Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα του Μουσείου μας στον Αρόλιθο, ή μια από τις Κυριακάτικες Δραστηριότητες που διοργανώνουμε! Στην προσπάθειά μας να διατηρήσουμε τα έθιμα των προγόνων μας και να εμφυσήσουμε στα μικρά παιδιά την αγάπη για τη παράδοση της Κρήτης, το Μουσείο Αγροτικής Ιστορίας & Λαϊκής Τέχνηςπρωτοστατεί στον χώρο της βιωματικής δραστηριότητας και καλεί τους μαθητές και τους δασκάλους τους να ζήσουν εμπειρίες πρωτόγνωρες και συνάμα συναρπαστικές!Συνεργάτες στη προσπάθεια αυτή είναι ο Σύλλογος Φίλων της Παράδοσης “Νόστος” και ο Σύλλογος Παιδαγωγών Εμψυχωτών Θεατρικού Παιχνιδιού “Παιδαγωγική Θεάτρου Κρήτης”