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The benefits of using real natural soap!

The best soap for our skin and our planet is a handmade all natural cold process soap bar based on pure or organic certified oils. Once you’ve tried one of these lathery treasures, you’ll never again be satisfied with commercial “detergent“ soap bars!

With handmade soaps, just like with commercially manufactured bars, you always need to read the labels. You want to find soaps that use balanced combinations of pure and organic oils. Avoid any bars that use artificial colors or fragrances. These are synthetic chemicals and you don’t want them onto your skin or going down your drain. If you want a colored or scented soap bar, look for the ones that use only essential oils, natural extracts and natural colorants.

Handmade soaps

Handmade soaps

A handmade soap contains only the ingredients that they need—no extra preservatives that liquid body washes or commercial bar “soaps” require to increase their shelf life to years, and no foam boosters to make them lather.

Natural soaps contain:

  • no synthetic ingredients
  • no artificial fragrances or perfumes
  • no artificial colors
  • no detergents
  • no synthetic preservatives
handmade soap

handmade soap

Some people with sensitive skin really do not have sensitive skin at all.

Their skin is simply reacting to some chemical irritant in their soap or other skincare product. Simple natural soaps tend to be more soothing for many skin types.

Everyone wants healthy skin and your skin is not a fan of synthetic chemicals. If you struggle to find a soap that does not irritate your skin, switching to the daily use of a simple natural soap is an easy place to start. Your skin can tell the difference.

Natural soaps are really soap. The recipes use sustainable, environmentally friendly natural and organic ingredients in an age-old process to produce a great lathering mild soap that promotes healthy skin.

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Ο δίσκος της Φαιστού

Ιστορικά και μόνο αξίζει να αναφερθούμε σε αυτό το πολύτιμο κομμάτι της Μινωικής περιόδου, τον περίφημο δίσκο της Φαιστού!

Ο δίσκος της Φαιστού

Ο δίσκος της Φαιστού

Ο Δίσκος της Φαιστού είναι δίσκος ψημένου πηλού, που αποτελεί αρχαιολογικό εύρημα από τη Μινωική πόλη της Φαιστού στη νότια Κρήτη και χρονολογείται πιθανώς στην μέση ή ύστερη Μινωική Εποχή του Χαλκού (Δεύτερη π.Χ. χιλιετία).

Αποτελεί ένα από τα γνωστότερα μυστήρια της αρχαιολογίας, αφού ο σκοπός της κατασκευής του παραμένει άγνωστος. Άγνωστο είναι μέχρι σήμερα και το νόημα των αναγραφόμενων σε αυτόν.

Ο δίσκος ανακαλύφθηκε στις 3 Ιουλίου 1908 από τον Ιταλό αρχαιολόγο Λουίτζι Περνιέ (Luigi Pernier) και φυλάσσεται σήμερα στο Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Ηρακλείου.

Ο δίσκος της Φαιστού ανακαλύφθηκε στο υπόγειο του δωματίου XL-101 του Μινωικού παλατιού της Φαιστού, κοντά στην Αγία Τριάδα, στη νότια Κρήτη.

Ο Ιταλός αρχαιολόγος Λουΐτζι Περνιέ ανάκτησε αυτό τον εντυπωσιακά άθικτο δίσκο, περίπου 15 εκατ. σε διάμετρο και ομοιόμορφα μόλις πάνω από 1 εκατ. σε πάχος, στις 3 Ιουλίου 1908. Βρέθηκε στο κύριο κελί ενός υπόγειου “αποθετηρίου ναού” και αποτελεί μέχρι και σήμερα, ένα εμβληματικό εύρημα της Μινωικής Κρήτης.

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πηγή: https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki


Propolis- The miracle of nature

Propolis is a product that bees collect to disinfect honeycombs that store their honey, as well as all their bees, and to embarrass any unwanted insect or small animal that entered it and killed it with their spears, unable to get it out.

It is a blend of wax, retinas of various trees they know, balm, essential oils and pollen. It was known as a natural medicine used by Aristotle’s for the treatment of kidney and other diseases, and scientists until recent years have considered it a natural medicine, with truly exciting results.

First phase of Propolis

First phase of Propolis

Propolis is a bee product known for its ability to stimulate the immune system as it increases the body’s defense against the flu and the common cold. It works against infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Propolis ingredients are:

+/- 5% pollen

+/- 10% essential oils

+/- 30% wax

+/- 55% resins and balm

+/- 5% various organic and inorganic substances

This resinous substance is a powerful worldwide drug, after research and experiments recognized:

1. antioxidants

2. anti-inflammatory

3. Antimicrobials such as:

a. antique

b. antibacterial

c. antifungal

d. anti-protozoan

4. immunomodulators,

5. Healing

Propolis Ingredients and its powerful healing and immunomodulatory properties have healing properties and restore and regenerate injured tissues. Propolis also reduces the amount of free radicals in inflammatory damage and increases collagen damage. Accelerates various enzymatic reactions, cell metabolism, blood circulation as well as collagen fiber formation due to the presence of bioflavonoids, arginine, vitamin C, provitamin A and B vitamins.


Liquid of Propolis

It is clinically proven and verifiable by the application of propolis to thousands of recorded and different cases around the world. Propolis is more effective than penicillin and many modern antibiotics as bacteria, germs and viruses cannot resist its potent action.

Its potent action against viruses has been shown to:

– Herpes (highly effective in healing, healing the wounds associated with the virus and relieving its symptoms)

– adenitis

– fungal stomatitis

– has a potent effect on the tuberculosis bacterium

– helps regenerate tissues

– is a superior and endless source of energy and endurance

– strengthens the immune system as it strengthens innate and acquired immunity

Propolis is safe when taken orally or properly applied to the skin. It only causes allergic reactions in people who are allergic to bees or bee products.

Note: The anti-allergic properties of propolis are known but some people (five in a thousand) are allergic to bee products, these people should be careful and always consult their doctor

Cretaneshop.gr informs you that dietary supplements do not replace balanced nutrition or medical advice / advice and are not medicines.

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(Text and text editing: botanologia.gr)

Cretan herbal tea!

Try a special recipe, which  tastes amazing and will give you extra energy!

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea


Orange peel, Cinnamon, Fliskun, Plumper, Sage and Mint

For serving

Thyme honey

Slice of orange


Boil the herbs (in the proportions we like) together with the cinnamon and orange peel over medium heat for 2-3 minutes, strain and serve in mugs.

If we add some honey and decorate with 1 slice of orange and a cinnamon stick in each cup,it will be perfect!!

Enjoy it!

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Lamb with lady’s fingers!

Delicious lamp with lady’s fingers. A simple and easy recipe for a dish where the perfect combination of meat with lady’s fingers and curry gives it a great taste. Try it!

Lamp with lady's fingers

Lamp with lady’s fingers


3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1/2 kg lamp (sliced)

1/2 kg of lady’s fingers

One large onion (chopped)

1 cup chopped tomato

1 cup of water

some curry

​​salt and black pepper


In a large, deep frying pan, add olive oil and heat over medium-high heat. Add the lamb and mix well. Add the onion, salt, pepper, curry and continue to mix. Add the tomato, the lady’s fingers, water and simmer for 40 minutes.

Our dish is ready!

Bon appetit!

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Greek fava recipe

Fava is an easy Greek soup to make and its bright yellow color is a pretty addition to any Fall table. It can also be served as an appetizer, mezethes , or a side dish.

Greek Fava

Greek Fava


  • 1 lb. yellow split peas
  • 2 onions
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • 1 lemon
  • Pinch of Salt


Wash and cover peas and cold water. Bring the water to a boil. Peel and quarter one of the onions. Add it to the pot and simmer it together with the beans for an hour until the beans are soft.

Drain the peas in a strainer. Meanwhile, peel and chop the remaining onion and saute on medium heat in 1 tablespoon of olive oil for five minutes. Add the peas and another tablespoon of olive oil and saute on medium-low heat for five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Transfer the peas to a serving bowl, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of one lemon, and a pinch of salt.

Bon appetit!

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Cuttlefish with spinach! So yummy!

This is a delicious traditional Greek food! Try it at home!

Cuttlefish with Spinach

Cuttlefish with Spinach


  • 1 kg cuttlefish
  • 1 kg spinach
  • 3 onions
  • parsley
  • dill
  • 1 tea cup olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lemon juice


  1. Wash and chop the cuttlefish in pieces. Remove the backbone, the skin, the eyes and cut the tentacles in pieces. Let it drain.
  2. Wash the spinach thoroughly and chop it in pieces.
  3. Peel and chop the onions, saute them in a saucepan with olive oil.
  4. Add the cuttlefish and its tentacles and saute for a while.
  5. Then add the spinach, the parsley (chopped), the dill, salt and pepper.
  6. Add a cup of water and simmer in low temperature until only the oil remains.
  7. Do not put to much salt because the cuttlefish has a salty taste itself. Remove from heat and pour the lemon juice. Serve hot or cold.

Bon appetit!

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Photo by: Déspina Kortesidou

Κοτόπουλο στο φούρνο με μέλι και λεβάντα!

Ας δοκιμάσουμε αυτή τη φορά, μια συνταγή με το κλασικό και αγαπημένο κοτόπουλο, λίγο πειραγμένη…

Κοτόπουλο στο φούρνο με μέλι και λεβάντα

Κοτόπουλο στο φούρνο με μέλι και λεβάντα


1 κοτόπουλο, γύρω στα 1.200 γρ., κομμένο σε κομμάτια


Για την μαρινάδα

1 κουταλιά σούπας λεβάντα τριμμένη στο χέρι

2-3 κλαδάκια λεμονοθύμαρο

4 κουταλιές σούπας ελαιόλαδο

4 κουταλιές σούπας μέλι

Ξύσμα και χυμό 1 λεμονιού


Ανακατεύουμε καλά όλα τα υλικά της μαρινάδας και μαρινάρουμε το κοτόπουλο. Το αφήνουμε στο ψυγείο για 2-3 ώρες. Τοποθετούμε το κοτόπουλο σε ταψί και ψήνουμε για 40-45 λεπτά. Σερβίρεται ζεστό με πατάτες τηγανιτές ή με άγριο ρύζι!

Καλή σας απόλαυση!

Προμηθευτείτε πρώτης ποιότητας υλικά για τις συνταγές σας, όπως εξαιρετικά παρθένο ελαιόλαδο, κρητικό μέλο και αποξηραμένα βότανα από το ηλεκτρονικό μας κατάστημα cretaneshop.gr

Φυσικά χειροποίητα σαπούνια ελαιολάδου/ Handmade olive oil soaps

Φυσικό χειροποίητο σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με λεβάντα και λάδι καλέντουλας «ιδανικό για μωρά και για την ευαίσθητη περιοχή»

Natural handmade olive oil soap with lavender essential oil and calendula oil ‘’ideal for babybath and women’s sensitive area”


Φυσικό χειροποίητο σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με δεντρολίβανο και δάφνη «για τόνωση των μαλλιών»

Natural handmade olive oil soap with rosemary and laurel essential oils ‘’hair tonic’’


Φυσικό χειροποίητο σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με μέντα «για ξύρισμα»

Natural handmade olive oil soap with mint essential oil ‘’for men shaving’’

αρχείο λήψης

Φυσικό χειροποίητο σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με τριαντάφυλλο «για βελούδινη επιδερμίδα σε πρόσωπο και σώμα»

Natural handmade olive oil soap with rose essential oil ‘’velvet skin, for face and body wash’’


Φυσικό χειροποίητο σαπούνι ελαιολάδου με δίκταμο «για ερεθισμένο και ευαίσθητο δέρμα»

Natural handmade olive oil soap with dittany essential oil for sensitive,  irritated skin.

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